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Safety Covers … They are not a trampoline for your pool.

cover logic pool cover

Why do I need to cover my pool? I want to start with the obvious, keeps out the sunlight, the debris and helps conserve winter chemicals. We cover our above ground and our inground pools to help protect our investment. There are different types of pool covers, tarp with cable and rachet, tarp with water bags, we sell hurricane covers with sandbags, and then there are safety covers. For the purpose of this blog we are going to focus on safety covers.

As with pool filters, I’m not going to talk about one manufacturer, just safety covers in general. True safety covers are manufactured to ASTM standards and must be installed to ASTM standards to be a “safety cover.” Unlike other covers the “safety cover” is installed and designed to protect your friends, family, or anyone coming into your yard by withstanding thousands of pounds. Most manufacturers have different levels of covers and heavier gauge springs. The main difference comes down to a solid cover and a mesh cover.

Polyester Fabric

The solid cover is just that, it is made usually of polyester fabric. It blocks 100% of sunlight. Warranties vary between 10 to 15 years depending on the manufacturer. They are heavier than a mesh cover and require a cover pump. (Again, with most manufacturers) They usually come in a variety of colors.

Pros of Polypropylene Mesh

Usually, a polypropylene mesh material makes up these mesh covers. This allows water to flow through the material, leaving larger debris on its surface for easier removal. Most mesh covers block 100% sunlight. Mesh covers usually have better warranties 15 to 20 years depending on the manufacturer. I usually put a pump under a mesh cover to keep the water level below tile level.

Warranties vary and are set by each manufacturer. You should receive paperwork explaining your warranty and how to file a claim.

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