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Swimming Pool

Kay Pool and Spa offers a variety of swimming pool services and pool repair including in ground and above ground pool vinyl liner installation and repair vinyl liners. We offer swimming pool openings and closings. We also offer swimming pool safety covers. These pool safety covers are designed using high technology that insures your pool safety cover will be within a quarter of an inch tolerance to your pool. Kay Pool and Spa provides pool heaters as well as filters and pump repair and replacement to people in and around Reading, Pottstown, and Phoenixville PA.

Kay Pool and Spa offers two maintenance programs to fit the needs of your swimming pool.

KayPoolandSpa_finishedpool, swimming pool

Check for leaks in equipment

Check for operation of equipment

Fill chemical feeders

Check and balance chemicals

Clean and empty skimmer and pump baskets

Skim pool and remove debris

Back wash

Vacuum pool





If you are interested in either of our Pool Maintenance Programs contact us today for pricing!

Are you looking for a pool that is
as solid as a rock and will have no issues during winterKay Pool and Spa offers Riviera Pools?

The Hybrid pool is just what you need! The Hybrid is made in round or oval shapes with a safe swimming depth for novice and expert swimmers. Depending on your budget, Riviera pools can be full in-ground pool, partially out or an above-ground pool.

With a Hybrid you are in control of the costs! You specify your choice of shape, installation option, insert design, ladder/step/bench insert option and add your deck to fit your style sense and your budget. That’s the benefit of going with a Hybrid pool!

Kay Pool and Spa offers Riviera Pools_1Unlike some pools that advertise multiple installation options, Hybrid pools back it up with a lifetime wall warranty for any application. This quality pool is manufactured with load bearing walls for use in any installation. There is no other pool like a Hybrid pool. Contact us today to schedule your installation!

Did you know that home inspectors will not inspect your swimming pool and/or hot tub? If you are looking at a home that has a swimming pool, hot tub, or spa, make sure you know if there are any problems before you decide to buy. We offer a variety of swimming pool services and pool repair including pool vinyl liner installation and repair in Pottstown, Reading, Pheonixville, Allentown PA, and more! Contact us today for pricing and more information.

Why should you switch your pool from chemical to all natural enzymes? Find out how switching to Waters Choice will help you save money and time!

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