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Swimming Pool

Kay Pool and Spa offers a variety of swimming pool services and pool repair including inground and aboveground pool vinyl liner installation and repair vinyl liners. We offer swimming pool openings and closings. We also offer swimming pool safety covers. These pool safety covers are designed using high technology that insures your pool safety cover will be within a quarter of an inch tolerance to your pool. Kay Pool and Spa provides pool heaters as well as filters and pump repair and replacement to people in and around Reading, Pottstown, and Phoenixville PA.


Kay Pool Opening Service

Take the hassle out of your pool opening! Schedule your pool opening today.

Let our team of trained pool professionals get your pool opened and ready to swim in time for summer.

oblong backyard pool


Bronze Pool Opening Silver Pool Opening Gold Pool Opening
Install Equipment Plugs
Reassemble Entire Filtration System
Remove Winterization Plugs
Install Wall Fittings and Other Accessories
Start System (Check for leaks & proper functions)
Vacuum Pool (Up to 1hr)
Start Up Chemical Kit
Remove and Clean Cover

Additional Service:
Cover Storage – $85

Book your pool opening with Kay Pool today!



Kay Pool Closing Service

When the summer comes to an end, your pool closing is an important part of pool ownership. Our trained technicians will winterize your pool properly. Protecting it from damage due to freezing water. Having us clean and close your pool can save time and money in spring.



Bronze Pool Closing Silver Pool Closing Gold Pool Closing
Remove Wall Fittings & Other Accessories
Winterize Plumbing
Winterize Filtration System
Filter Cleaning (If Applicable)
Spot Clean Pool
Closing Chemical Kit
Cover Pool (Adjustments as Needed)

Additional Services:
Grid Cleaning Service (Includes filter cleaner)

A surcharge will be added to any of our pool closings after a certain date. We will announce that date soon.


Pool Service & Repair

Kay Pool and Spa provides pool repair, pool service, repair vinyl liners, hot tubs, pool safety covers, hot tub repair, hot tub service, and pool and hot tub maintenance to Reading PA, Pottstown PA, Phoenixville PA, and more.Pool equipment service, replacement, and repair includes:

  • Automation
  • Cleaners
  • Filters
  • Heaters lighting
  • Pumps
  • Sanitizing system

Plumbing installation and repair includes:

  • Hard plumbing (aboveground pools)
  • Piping
  • Returns
  • Skimmers

Liner repair and replacement includes:

  • Finding and repairing holes (liners only)
  • Liner replacement for above ground
  • Liner replacement in ground: Inground liners are measured based on your pool and manufacturer for a custom fit


Safety Covers

Kay Pool sells and installs GLI Pool Products safety covers. GLI manufactures ProMesh® and HyPerLite® covers. Safety covers are measured based on your actual pool dimensions and manufactured for a custom fit. There are various styles and colors available for you to choose from.

Safety covers are an important part of protecting the longevity of your pool or hot tub. If you aren’t sure whether you want a safety cover, learn about some important reasons you should use one.



Concrete Pool Renovations

Does your concrete pool need a little pick-me-up? Concrete pools look great for many years, but like everything else around your home, they will need to be renovated. Kay Pool can help!

Pool renovations include:

  • Tile
  • Coping
  • Plastor
  • PebbleTLC

GLI Safety Covers

To protect your investment and offer a layer of safety to your outdoor oasis, be certain to include one of our custom made Safety Covers. These Safety Covers not only protect your swimming pool from the elements, but more importantly, it acts as an off-season, full-time Lifeguard for your pool, preventing the accidental intrusion of children, pets and/or any unwanted “visitors.”

Check out this video to Learn more aboutWhy Pool Owners Should Own a Safety Cover.

For more about GLI liners, visit GLI to view their products, or check out their 2023 brochure for current liner designs.



Weekly/Biweekly Pool Care

Every weekly or biweekly pool care customer also has one of the best enzyme protocols added monthly for no additional charge. Waters Choice exclusively sold by Kay Pool and Spa.

Basic Service Full Service
Check for leaks in equipment
Check for operation of equipment
Fill chemical feeders
Check and balance chemicals
Clean and empty skimmer and pump baskets
Skim pool and remove debris
Back wash
Vacuum pool

Pool Care Guide

How important is water chemistry?

hand holding the pool testing kit above a swimming pool

Balanced water for your swimming pool is very important. A swimming pool that is properly balanced is clean, safe, and comfortable for you, your family, and your friends.

Kay Pool and Spa has added this pool care guide to help answer some of your questions on how to properly balance your pool water.

Testing and balancing your pool

Kay Pool recommends testing your pool and balance once a week.

Total Bromine or Chlorine

Bromine Ideal Range: 2ppm – 4ppm

Chlorine Ideal Range: 1ppm – 3ppm

Total Alkalinity

Alk Ideal Range: 80ppm – 120ppm

Ph Levels

Ph Ideal Range: 7.4 – 7.6

Calcium Hardness

Calcium Ideal Range: 200ppm – 300ppm

Cyanuric Acid

Cyanuric Ideal Range: 30ppm – 50ppm

Winter Pool Care Service

Don’t forget about your pool this winter!

After your pool is winterized and covered for winter, so much still needs to be done. Depending on the month your pool was winterized, you could still have warm temperatures. You could have had a lot of rain. All are factors that need to be addressed by lowering water levels or adding balancing chemicals.

Pool owners with newly installed plaster pools or had their plaster renovated may still need curing to keep the pool balanced.

Kay Pool and Spa can help you maintain your pool over the winter with our winter pool care.

Kay Pool winter pool care services include:

  • Visual inspection of filtration system
  • Open heater check for signs of rodents
  • Inspect pool cover
  • Check function of cover pump
  • Check water level
  • Test water
  • Balance pool

Pool Orientation

Are you a first time pool owner?

Whether you just had your pool installed or purchased a home with a pool, we can help you understand what a responsible pool owner needs to do.

Over the years, we encounter many new pool owners and pool owners with several pool seasons under their belt who weren’t given a proper education on pool care by the previous caretakers. Kay Pool and Spa has knowledgeable technicians that can teach you what you need to know to care for your pool.

Pool orientation includes:

  • How to test and balance your pool water
  • Overview of your filtration system
  • When to clean or backwash your filter
  • How to vacuum your pool

Kay Pool and Spa provides pool repair, pool service, repair vinyl liners, hot tubs, pool safety covers, hot tub repair, hot tub service, and pool and hot tub maintenance to Reading PA, Pottown PA, Phoenixville PA, and more.


Why should you switch your pool from chemical to all natural enzymes? Find out how switching to Waters Choice will help you save money and time!

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* A valid credit card number must be provided to Kay Pool and Spa to schedule any type of service appointment. The provided credit card number will be charged upon completion of service unless payment was made via cash, check, or at time of service.


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