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Relax and Unwind this Holiday Season!

Keep your outdoor hot tub serviced with our basic service and full service options.

The holiday season is just starting to get into full swing with Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas less than a month after it! During this season, many of us start to feel stressed getting all of our shopping done while having family functions to attend. We don’t often take time for ourselves!

Remember, it’s important to take time for ourselves and one way to do that is to spend at least one evening a week relaxing in your hot tub. Put your phone on silent, grab your aromatherapy spa salts from Water’s Choice, and a glass of wine (or beer) and sit back and enjoy your hot tub. You will feel yourself instantly relaxing.

Not only are hot tubs relaxing, but they are also beneficial to your health! It’s shown that hot tubs can help you reduce stress, get a better night’s sleep and even improve common pains and serious conditions you may be diagnosed with. Some common issues such as arthritis and joint pains can be relieved by taking time to relax in hot tubs! Even the basic headache and cold can be helped when you enter the soothing water of a hot tub. How many headaches have you dealt with so far since your kids have started writing their Christmas list? You will find getting to enjoy some time in your hot hub this holiday season will really help!

Don’t stress yourself out trying to keep your hot tub maintained. We have two levels of service for you to choose from when it comes to your hot tub maintenance. Take a moment to learn more and if you wish to sign up or learn more, be sure to contact us today.

If you have a pool, you may want to take advantage of our winter service. With our winter service, we come out weekly to remove any debris or water from your cover and do a checkup of your pool. Our winter service helps keep your cover in tiptop condition and reduces the amount of chemicals needed for opening and closing. Contact us today if you want to learn more.

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